• For over twenty years I’ve collected Christmas tree baubles as holiday souvenirs. 

    For over twenty years I’ve collected Christmas tree baubles as holiday souvenirs. Over time, friends and family brought me decorations too. Some friends visited amazing places I’d love to see myself some day, but for now I've one of the most beautiful Christmas trees you could imagine, heavily adorned with stunning, unique baubles from all over the world. Every year I dress my tree, thinking of who brought me each thoughtful gift and the places I've holidayed. Every bauble has a story and they all cheer my heart. My collection is like a scrap book, commemorating much loved people and places year after year.

  • To share this passion, in March 2019 I opened my very own Christmas shop here in my beloved home town. Victorian styled and traditional, packed full of tartan trinkets and brimming with beautiful baubles. I’m delighted to welcome you to Tinsel & Tartan, my all year round Christmas shop here in Stirling.

    Whether it’s a special Scottish bauble as a cherished reminder of your wonderful Highland holiday, a wee minding of home to send to loved ones abroad, a gift for newlyweds, a new baby or simply a wee present to yourself for being good all year, you’ll find it in Tinsel and Tartan. Enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane, a festive curiosity shop with more than a hint of Christmases’ past. I’m proud to say every single piece is handpicked and specially chosen by me for you to begin your own “memorabaubles” collection here.

  • Visit for a browse and a blether in The Athenaeum one of Stirling’s most historic and iconic buildings, under the steeple where the stunning statue of William Wallace presides at the top of King Street. You cant miss me, I'm just two minutes from the train station in Stirling's historic town center, up the hill and en route to Stirling's fabulous castle.


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