Mouse in Knitted Dresses & Clogs


Where will your wee mouse live? Like the song says, “A little mouse with clogs on, there on the stair?”

These adorable little mice are so warm and cosy in their beautiful knitted dresses and scarves. With the cutest teeny noses and whiskers, I know you’ll fall for them too.

They reminded me of the organ mice in the old 80s tv show Bagpuss, which I used to love.

These clever mice can stand up in their sturdy little clogs or you can bend their legs and they’re able to sit quite comfortably, anywhere you’d like… I have dotted them around Tinsel & Tartan, it’s fun to see people’s reactions when they spot them keeking out.

If you choose one, I’ll select a colour dress at random from the two choices, if you choose two, I’ll send one of each. If you’d like alternative combination, just message me to let me know, no problem.

Can you spot my little mice hiding all around Tinsel & Tartan?

35 in stock

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